About My Blog

This blog started out as an experiment really–as an outlet for me to write, where I could write what I wanted, when I wanted. I was processing some really heavy life stuff and thought writing about it might help. I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go with it, but once I got going, it seemed to develop a life and theme of its own.

When I meet new people and I get asked that inevitable question of “What do you do?”, the conversation usually progresses somehow to my writing. That question in itself will probably be a future blog topic, because how do you compress the entirety of who you are and all of your life experience and capabilities into a succinct one-or-two-sentenced, socially-acceptable answer? You can’t really.

And when the next most frequent question of “What is your blog about?” started to emerge, I realized I better put some verbiage to my blog and come up with a comprehensive description.

So here it is:

My blog is about the journey and pilgrimage of life. It is about Story–how each one of us has a story to tell about our individual lives, and each person’s Story inevitably has redemptive parts that can help others through the telling of it.

My blog is about being real and transparent in talking about issues that many of us struggle with. It incorporates elements of both growth and inner healing–because you can’t really have one of these without the other. It is about process–how we grow through process. It is about discovering our spiritual design–who we were created to be. Each one of us is born with a spiritual blueprint–but it takes our entire lives to really unpack it. So I guess you could say my blog is also about spiritual development.

Life, love, process, God, spiritual design, story, inner healing, growth, transparency, relevant issues, and being life-giving—these are all important ingredients to my blog.

I hope you like the recipe!

❤ Nova