The Stuff that Actually Matters to Me

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I like being real. It sounds simple but it actually takes work. Pushing past the cultural norms and cliches and actually being a loving, breathing person that is honest and true with what they say. And a good steward. Definitely my goal.

I like discovering how people tick–what makes them come alive and experience true passion in their lives. I like digging around a bit inside a person, helping them to see the beauty inside–all the amazing innate treasures and giftings that God wove into their soul and spirit. Sometimes it just takes one word of affirmation to set into motion a positive domino effect of destiny into a person’s life.

I think it’s important to make eye contact with people–anywhere you go, to smile and acknowledge them and give them a piece of “dignity”, to let them know that you “see” them. People everywhere are DESPERATE to be seen. To feel that they matter.

I think it’s a tragedy when people stay small and don’t find out who they were CREATED to be. I hate how fear immobilizes people from pursuing their destiny and victories in life. I hate what jealousy does in community. I hate seeing people suffering in pain.

I like spy movies, vivid dreams, driving really fast with the windows all the way down, LOUD music (especially worship music), LOTS of road trips, lattes, and my amazing friends all over the world.

I think life is funny–in general. I like to zoom out and watch it from Heaven’s Perspective and see the redemptive thread that weaves throughout all of history. When I focus on the snapshots of my life too much, I get stuck. So I try to zoom out often to see my life from a movie-reel perspective. Snapshots miss too much.

I was in a chick band named “SHADOW” in college (think “under the shadow of His wings…”); I DJ’d for a Christian Radio Station in Virginia, I basically grew up on an airplane (my mom was a flight attendant for 25 years), I am a writer who LOVES a good story (both telling and listening to one), and I HATE peanut butter.

These things make me happy:

Life, REALNESS, my husband and kids, nature, travel, motion, wind, rain, big-hearted people, VISION, fresh perspectives, empowering other people, outside-the-box thinkers, MUSIC, dancing, people that aren’t afraid to laugh really loud, PRACTICAL JOKES, and enjoying all of these things in intimacy with my Creator–the God of the Universe–the great I AM.

These things bug me:

People who want results without work, small-mindedness, tailgaters, the victim mentality, jealousy, apathy, people who abuse power and authority, and the customer representative at the return center that says, “I’ll do it for you this ONE time.” LOL

My goal with this blog:

I’m hoping through my posts, that your perspective gets even a little bit refreshed, a little bit bigger, a little less heavy for the road ahead.

But my greatest wish is that God will use my words in his incredible redemptive thread in whichever way that He deems best. ❤



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