RIP Triggers

God recently shared a picture with me that was so powerful and full of hope for those that have been wondering whether they will ever be set free from their past pain and triggers.

He showed me a garden that had been transformed from a graveyard. I first saw the graveyard—it was peppered with crosses marking the various graves. But each grave was a hopeful place, a place of restoration and freedom–because what had actually been laid to rest were the triggers that had tormented His beloved for years.

I felt God saying, “I am laying to rest your triggers, so that you can finally move on with your life.”

I saw His beloved carefully patting down the dirt on top of each grave, smoothing it out as a symbolic picture of closure, honoring the pain, and reconciling with their past. And then His beloved dusted off their hands and started to walk away with Jesus, towards their future, towards the fulfilling place of living life without the torment and triggers of the past.

And then I saw the garden begin to grow in the very land that had once been a graveyard. And the flowers were completely uninhibited. They grew plentifully, brightly, and they soared taller than any garden I’d ever seen. The garden was so robust, so full of life, and yet the seedbed for that huge expansion and forward thrust of life was the graveyard of past pain and triggers.

And the garden was the recompense of the Lord–the justice of God.

And He wants His beloved to know that He has not forgotten about you. He will not leave you stranded and alone in a graveyard of pain. He IS taking you to that expanded place of vitality and enjoyment of life once again.

He is laying to rest your triggers. Laying to rest the ruminating places of past pain.

Restoration is coming. Redemption is at hand. 💙

“The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.” (Psalm 103:6)


3 thoughts on “RIP Triggers

  1. Michelle rivera says:

    Nova, wow this is amazing! I met you today at jc beans and loved our conversation.
    This blog is so beautiful and couldn’t help but send this to my mom.


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