Adventures of Wind Girl


“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8).

I don’t always follow the way of the wind. But yesterday I did. It just sort of happened. I wasn’t planning on an adventure. I was actually getting ready to put on my morning workout clothes—my usual routine before dropping the kids off to school. But this morning I paused and kind of checked in with my spirit. Was I even supposed to go today? Hmmmm…all of a sudden it didn’t feel like it was on the agenda.

Okay then—regular clothes it was.

I loaded my backpack into my trunk—complete with book, journal, and computer; balanced my coffee mug on the dashboard, and tried to mentally gear up for whatever lied ahead. Then I started onto my usual morning routine: rush kids to school and pray we wouldn’t be late; breathe huge sigh of relief when we made it on time; pull away from the curb and change the kids’ showtunes to a favorite podcast.

Now what? If I wasn’t heading to my Zumba class, then where was I going?

I headed towards the freeway because it just felt right. My usual local landing pad to write, aka coffee shop, didn’t seem to resonate with what my spirit wanted today. I felt like I needed to drive for a while. So I followed the prompting and decided to head out to a favorite coffee shop further out instead. Forty minutes away to be exact.

I had to push past the nattering of my soul, reminding me of gas prices and practicality, but pretty soon I was in the zone. I loved driving—it was just me and the wind and God. A perfect combination. I decided to let God be my iTunes DJ for the morning, and I ended up listening to a perfect teaching nugget about expanding authority and how to be a big-spirited person in today’s culture.

I felt inspired and comforted for where I was in my process.

And then my phone rang. As soon as I saw the name on the caller ID, I laughed. It was just too good. God had set me up in the best way. I hadn’t heard from this friend for probably four months because both of our lives had been just crazy slammed. And I felt the delight rise up in my spirit that THIS was what was on this morning’s agenda.

It was like finding money in my pocket—Score!

I answered the phone and enjoyed the refreshing hour-long conversation that followed with my friend—who also happened to be a total supernatural connection. She was someone who God wanted me to meet years ago, so He connected me with her through the weirdest of circumstances.

I always love savoring how He does those sorts of things.

I picture God’s coaching mantra for me in those awkward times of introduction going something like this: “I have this awesome connection for you. This person will be important and instrumental to you in your journey, so I need you to meet them. It IS going to be mutually life giving—even though it might seem awkward in the beginning. So hang in there while I do something totally weird and counterintuitive. You’ll see the payout in the long run. Just follow my clues and trust me.”

With this particular person, our friendship started when God prompted me to contact her via social media. We had mutual friends in common and had gone to college together years ago, but we had never actually met. And after three or four times of God harassing me to message her, I finally followed through. I’m really glad I did. We’re now about three years into our friendship and it’s been so enriching. An awkward start followed by a sweet journey together.

So yah, our conversation together that morning definitely hit the spot. We updated. We vented. We laughed—a LOT. We helped each other strategize with a couple challenging life pieces. We shared vision and counsel. And I gleaned from her parenting wisdom since she was a few steps ahead of me in the parenting-a-teenager journey.

Then our convo ended shortly after I found myself at my destination coffee shop. So I grabbed my backpack, headed inside, and scoped out a doable table. Seat positioning mattered to me if I was going to write, but this coffee shop’s seating was usually packed. So I took what I could find until I could move to a better table.

I eventually maneuvered myself into the perfect space, coffee in hand, computer open—ready for whatever was next.

I journaled for a bit when suddenly I felt a huge download land in my spirit. I didn’t quite know the entirety of what God wanted to say but I recognized the prompting, so I opened up my computer and started typing away as fast as I could. The flow was definitely there. The words seamed to synchronize together flawlessly. And then the weightiness of the message lifted and I knew that I was done. I was amused at the surprise of it all and how the thrust of that particular message landed on me to get my attention.

I posted it onto my blog and social media. It was obviously on God’s heart for today—someone needed to hear it. I could feel the urgency and timelines of it in my spirit. And then it was completed.

Flow over. Words posted. Heart content.

I sat for a minute in that space. I felt like I’d completed an assignment and it felt good. I felt at peace. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do for the next hour until I had to go pick up my kids, but I didn’t have time to think long. All of a sudden I found myself looking into the beautiful eyes of a german shepherd service dog named Max, as he accompanied his owner throughout the seating area.

I must have made goo-goo dog eyes at Max, because his owner instantly pegged me as a dog lover. He sat down next to me and started a lively conversation. He even offered me some of his sandwich. And what followed in the conversation was quite comical and VERY non-traditional for regular coffee-shop conversation.

We skipped the niceties of surface topics and went straight for the deep.

We talked about the spiritual connections between dogs and their owners. We compared dog stories. I listened to him share about his family’s journey with a service dog and the varying receptions to Max’s appearance.

And then I don’t really know HOW it happened, but all of a sudden we started talking about land dynamics, spiritual entities, ley lines, and ghosts.

Yep. I can’t make this stuff up. He mentioned a couple local places that had some interesting spiritual land dynamics. He wasn’t sure if the info would freak me out at first, but I think he was pleasantly surprised to find that I could dialogue with him in each of these topics.

And inside my head, I was also having my own conversation with the Father:

Me: Now this is classic.

God: I know, right?

I definitely enjoyed my inside convo with God as much as, if not more so, than the actual conversation I had with Max’s owner.

After an hour had gone by, I had to end the conversation so that I still had enough time to make it back to school for pickup. But before I left, I wrote down a website I thought Max’s owner might enjoy and He gave me both his and his wife’s phone numbers—in case I ever wanted to meet them at one of those interesting spiritual locations.

And then I started the drive back.

There was ALL sorts of wind, and birds, and even a train and a motorcycle rider on the drive back home. I was in my happy place of reflection and movement.

Following the wind was the best.

And then Wind Girl had to segue back into Mommyland and spend the rest of her day cleaning through her daughter’s hoarder room of trinkets. But it was all good.

Until her next wind adventure…


(Wind Girl)


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