Being Misunderstood


Being misunderstood is OKAY. Not everyone will understand your heart or your intention. Not everyone will understand your process or your walk with God. We are not called to be understood. We are called to walk with God in whatever path He leads us.

I feel this so strongly in my spirit: God wants you to know it is OKAY to not be understood. It is okay if the only person that knows where you really stand in your intention and heart’s pursuit is God. And He WILL back you up. He WILL be true. He cannot do other than prove true to His nature.

And God WILL allow others to misunderstand you sometimes on purpose. Spoiler alert. He WILL foster these breaking times in our life where we feel all alone and misunderstood…in order to set us FREE: Free from man’s judgment, free from man’s attempts to control or manipulate us, and most importantly—free of the fear of man.

And when we can stand in the midst of an environment where others misunderstand us, WITHOUT feeling the need to correct misperceptions or justify or defend ourself—then we have tapped into that freedom. When we can stand in the midst of judgment and accusation—and still feel secure in our identity, secure in our sonship, and secure in our walk with God and the path He has us on, THEN the enemy trembles. Then we are dangerous to darkness.

Let history be your judge, not man.



2 thoughts on “Being Misunderstood

  1. Megan Caldecourt says:

    Well … that was a timely message! Not just for the aspect of being misunderstood, but the fear of man. That sure can be a challenging one, especially when it is someone you care about or respect. Thanks for following the nudge of your spirit!

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