Driveway Guy

IMG_3472Dear Driveway Guy-

We think you’re awesome. We love your cheerful wave to us each morning as we frantically tear around the neighborhood bend, hoping to make it to school on time. Seeing you standing in your driveway, waiting for your own carpool, and waving to us as we pass by always brings us a giggle and a smile.

How old are you? 16? 17? You’re obviously in high school.

How is it that you came into your jovial personality in Californian culture? I think it’s a beautiful anomaly actually. My previous experience with Californian hand gestures has been less than positive. But I do remember my Missourian days—days when people waved to everyone just in passing by. How is it that you tapped into such a lost social art in our entitled, self-centered culture?

You—Driveway Guy are a counter-culture social rockstar and have by far exceeded my expectations of a technologically-savvy but socially-inept high schooler. And since you obviously maintain the internal fortitude to wave to every distracted and harried commuter that passes you by in the morning, then I can honestly say to you that you can do ANYTHING with your life.

Bravo, Driveway Guy! You make the world a brighter place. 

Oh yah—and one more thing. We bought you a Christmas present to encourage you back. Hope you like it!



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