When God Drops In


God popped into my day today via a heart-shaped chicken sandwich. He loves doing these sort of things to remind me that He is here.

Two days ago, God took my breath away by sending me an eagle that soared directly over my car. The eagle was flying so low that I could see his majestic and yet tiny face. It was a beautiful awe moment inserted into the otherwise chaotic busyness that was the rest of my day.

But today’s God hug was via a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. I only looked inside the sandwich bun because the protruding chicken appeared exponentially larger than any I’d previously purchased.

And when I saw that the chicken patty was in the shape of a heart, I was delighted. I knew THAT sandwich was a hug for me from above and it brought me the gift of laughter and awe.

In a standardized restaurant world of conformity, only God could rework the food-making logistics, dispense multiple angels on that assignment, and make sure that I was the one that received that gift. And that’s not my first heart-shaped God hug.

This has been an ongoing experience. He constantly surprises me with the discovery of heart-shaped items as I am just going about my daily routine. It’s not every day. It’s usually when I’m not expecting it that it will pop up on my radar. A heart-shaped fog on my car windshield—emanating upwards from the steam of my coffee. A heart-shaped water stain outside on the concrete. A heart-shaped tree. A heart-shaped leaf or rock. A heart-shaped cloud—I’ve seen these multiple times. 

Sometimes the heart hugs are God’s intervention to rescue my heart from worry or stress. Other times, they are intimacy draws—calling me to step OUT of my daily busyness and step INTO purposeful intention and an acknowledgment of His presence. It usually works. I try to leverage those God hugs and awe moments to take a brief time alone with Him.

Sometimes its just a quick praise break where I worship Him and admire His creativity. Other times, I try to quiet the loudness that’s within my soul—with all it’s swirling demands, emotions, and endless to-do lists; and I try to reengage with the mindfulness and peace that’s within my spirit instead—as I take a few moments to just stay in God’s presence.

And in those times of purposeful intention, God recalibrates me. I’m able to move into the rest of my day from a more grounded, aware, and intentional place.

God always knows JUST what I need.



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