IMG_2757So my kid got in trouble today. I even got a call from the school principal with the guess-what-your-kid-did-today question. It was a typical school malfeasance. I’m not gonna say which kid; I’ll keep it generic for the sake of privacy—but boy was it a good one! And I couldn’t have picked a better learning lesson as a parent if I had tried. Such GREAT natural consequences as a result of their personal choices.

I keep thinking God must REALLY trust me to give me this kid. I’m not kidding. The diabolical creativity involved in the school mischievousness was enviable, really. I actually laughed when the principal called me and told me what they had done, because all I could think was—what a GREAT and strategic, naughty-little idea.

LAZY, but brilliant. 

The ingenuity that it took to plan and orchestrate this rule-breaking behavior to actually achieve scholastic goals was laughable. And talk about cutting corners—the intellectual capacity alone that it took to put it all together could easily just have been channeled into doing the work. But where’s the fun in THAT? And what about the social networking component? The gift of persuasion was obviously evident with this kid, since they were able to recruit another cohort into the naughty mix.

I got a DEEPER glimpse into my kid’s leadership DNA—and I was impressed.

It was a proud mommy moment for me, combined with the social shock and lack-of-integrity horror of it all—obviously. I just kept thinking, Man—this kid is going to be a powerful catalyst when they grow up. And if they chose to take their incredible God-given skills to accomplish proactive change in this world, nothing could stop them.

This kid was going places one day…and hopefully not to jail.

“Lord, help me channel them like a watercourse in the meantime. Give me wisdom, discernment, and strategy. Teach me how to walk in love and appreciation of their design, while at the same time imparting integrity of heart and godly character. Teach me how to teach and lead this kid. You trust me because you picked me to steward them. And I trust you to pull out of me what you already know is there.”



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