Overcoming The Odds

IMG_2361I love the overcoming underdog. I resonate to movies where a persecuted or otherwise broken individual makes a HUGE comeback because of the tenacity and bigness in his spirit and because of God’s intervention.

Me too, God. I want my overcoming breakthrough, too–This is what my spirit usually cries out in response to hearing or seeing these amazing stories.

Yesterday, I went out in my front yard and I found this bush looking just like this. I was shocked. It hadn’t looked like that the day before. And yet, here it was. Crazy, tall growth in ONE day.

Odd, right? Or really not so much…

Let me make a quick detour here to say that nature is one language that God often uses to speak to me. I LOVE the world of parables, riddles, and anything symbolic. It’s in my DNA–I get such joy out of digging deeper. Finding the hidden pictures, meanings, and treasure in just about anything really lights me up. And interacting in nature with my awesome Creator is my FAVORITE.

So yah, the bush.

I pointed it out to my husband as we walked past it. We speak different languages with God, apparently, because he barely gave it more than a passing glance. I think his polite response to me was simply hmmm…

But for me, I had just been initiated into a new treasure hunt–this MEANT something for me. I could FEEL my spirit motor start up. I felt my Father’s fun fingerprints drawing me into an intimate game of hide and seek. Find me in this. Find the meaning and application to your life right now.

As I looked at the sudden, new growth, the faintest impression of a scripture floated through my mind: a shoot from the stump of Jesse. 

“Isn’t there a verse about the shoot or branch of Jesse?” I asked my husband. He didn’t remember. So I went and looked it up. Isaiah 11:1. Funny. I’d been seeing 1:11 EVERYWHERE lately–on clocks, on license plates. It made sense.

“Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot–yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.”

I KNEW the verse was about Jesus. But God was now using this in a multi-layered meaning for my life now. A rhema word. And I knew what it meant. I was growing beyond the old generational stump of my family.

I was forging different paths.

It had been a lonely process–challenging me and causing me to have to go deeper with God, because I didn’t have anybody in my family that I could really relate to. I often felt like the family oddball. 

In fact, just about a week ago, I had publicly posted a very raw blogpost about my past childhood sexual abuse. It was risky. It was brave. And I did it because I knew that God was backing me up.

And now here God was again–affirming me DEEPLY in the very place that I needed it. 

I WAS growing fast. I was growing out of the places of my past, the limited mindsets that had held me down for so long, and the scripts that I’d been fed as a child. I was becoming the overcoming underdog.

I was beating the odds. I was making a comeback.

I bent down so that I could get a better view of this branch. It was THEN that I noticed the shoot had actually grown upwards from one of the lowest sections of the bush. It had pushed its way through all the other obstacles and made it through to the light. Definitely an overcomer.

Definitely prophetic.

Yah, I had been down for so long. Pushed into smallness. Wounded. Intimidated. But I was growing up and breaking OUT into higher places, bigness, and most importantly–into the sunshine…



2 thoughts on “Overcoming The Odds

  1. Taylor A. Joseph says:

    Gah!! Gush. Gush. Gush. So good. I’m so proud of you and grateful for your deeply sincere honesty and unshakeable tenacity toward life and abundance.

    Keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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